The conundrum of inequality

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a short video. This video basically shows how dead-wrong most Americans are when asked to depict the distribution of wealth in America. It shows what most – Republicans as well as Democrats – consider the ideal distribution of wealth for a society like the American. In that average view of 92% of the respondents of the poll that the video is based on, the top 20% should have about 30% of the wealth – and most people would probably say that is fair. It goes on to show what most of the respondents think is the actual distribution – this is somewhat more skewed – but most Americans think that the top 20% has about 50% of the wealth. I will not mention all that is skewed – you should watch the video yourself. But what is striking, is that it shows That the top 20% actually owns more than 80% of the total wealth in America, while the bottom 60%  has about 5% of the total wealth in America Continue reading

GOP politicizing Benghazi

Well I see that the GOP refuses to give up on hammering Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party for the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including the ambassador. The GOP is trying to portrait Obama as someone who not only is responsible for the terror attack, but that also took political advantage of the killings. Now, the idea is that the Obama adm. knew of the attacks in advance, let it happen and somehow gained an advantage in the November election in Ohio Continue reading

Nothing to do against gun violence.

So this last week was supposed to bring America somewhat closer to meaningful action on one of Americas biggest problems – gun violence. However, the gun lobby showed its ugly face and strongarmed a lot of US Senators and threatened them into voting against a bill that had 80% backing among all adults in the US. What this bill would’ve done was not to outlaw private ownership of guns, assault weapons or even high capacity magazines Continue reading

Pind and Holdt in America

I just finished watching the 1st episode of season 2 of the Danish documentary “Pind og Holdt i USA” (Pind and Holdt in America). The show portrays two Danes with a love for America, yet with a completely different view of it. This particular episode is about guns in America. Continue reading

Filibuster reform needed

And so it happened that Sen. Rand Paul (KY) revived the true meaning of the filibuster – speaking until you can speak no more. This week, with an impending vote on the nomination of John Brennan as director of the CIA. It wasn’t so much that Paul felt that the nomination of Brennan was a threat to national security etc. Paul just saw this as his chance to gain some influence, and put the Obama administrations drone policies in the spotlight. Now this is basically fine by me, the Obama adm. should divulge its policies regarding drones, and it shouldn’t take a hold up to of a CIA director nomination to get this answer. For that, the Obama adm. deserves some criticism.

Continue reading